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Sewer line inspection Services throughout Los Angeles

  • A sewer scope inspection is necessary to determine the current condition of a property’s sewer line and to determine if the system is functioning as designed. At Future Land Home Services, we offer clients in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, sewer scope inspections as an add on to their general home inspections. We understand how important it is to receive proper sewer and septic tank checkups, especially for older homes.
  • These inspections have become an essential and normal component of the pre-purchase inspection period for a home. A standard review can take about an hour to complete. We offer inspections of a home’s sewer line (sewer scope). We help clients understand the condition of the underground sewer drain line, as well as the extent and location of a problem. This may include foreign objects or debris that cause blockage.
  • Small gaps in sections of piping can allow tree roots to enter the sewer line. Tree root growth is also another common issue that might present itself during inspections. This growth penetrates the pipes of a home, causing them to break, separate or even collapse. Misaligned (separated) pipes allow seepage of waste water into surrounding ground.
  • In low areas, poor flow through unkept pipes is more susceptible. These low areas can collect water and solid waste which lead to back-up. This damages the pipes as it weighs them down further. If extreme root intrusion has occurred, pipes may collapse, requiring full excavation and repair of the entire sewer line. Sometimes, debris can become lodged in the sewer line, which also prevents the flow of waste. All these issues are important to be aware of before selling or buying. Understanding the condition of the underground sewer line is a key part of purchasing a home. This information applies to current home owners, as well as potential buyers.



With every full home inspection, we have Sewer Line Protection from SewerGard.

Download: SewerGuard Policy

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We have amazing warranty options which can be bundled into packages to further protect you and your home!

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We use the most advanced

Unlike traditional home inspection services, we use advanced technology to give you that additional edge during your home inspection. Our Thermal/HD drones are able to inspect 100% of a roof, for example. We also employ advanced robotics that can crawl into areas that humans can't. If there's a problem, we'll find it and it's because we use time saving technologies that will benefit you.

Our home inspection with FutureLand saved us over $2,000. We were able to get a credit from the buyer for a roof problem. Joe Sanibel, Home Owner Ventura County

We provide a wide array of inspection services

In our general home inspection we provide comprehensive home inspection services ranging from interior and exterior of your home or structure and use our advanced technology to provide unparalleled accuracy in our reports.